Gaskets - Kammprofile And Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Kammprofile Gaskets are comprised of a concentrically serrated solid metal core with a soft, conformable sealing material bonded to each face. The arrangement of the solid corrugated core with a flexible covering layer allows for very high compression and an extremely tight seal along the ridges of the gasket. Simultaneously the sealing layers protect the flange surfaces from damage.

They possess very wide stress levels making them extremely suitable to varying temperature ranges, temperature differential across the flange face, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep, and they are very forgiving of assembly faults. These gaskets can be purpose-made to suit customer requirements provided correctly dimensioned drawings are supplied.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal jacketed gaskets are comprised of a thin metallic outer shell which encloses a resilient filler material. The gasket’s metal case protects the resilient filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion. Metal jacketed gaskets are handmade and are available in many shapes and sizes with a selection of metals and fillers available. Internal ribs of any configuration are available.

Filler Material: This is generally graphite but PTFE, ceramic and non-asbestos can also be used.
Jacket Material: This is generally soft iron, SS316, SS304, brass, copper, Inconel, among others. These gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications but require good and even flange surfaces along with high bolt loads to effect a seal.

Single jacketed gaskets have one surface and both OD and ID covered by the metal jacket. They are suitable for narrow flange widths in low pressure valve / pump applications.

Double jacketed gaskets are completely enclosed by a two piece metal jacket covering OD, ID and both sealing surfaces. They are widely used in heat exchanger applications and are suitable for corrosive and high temperature service. Internal ribs (pass partition bars) can be integral or welded as in both types the primary seal is safely maintained

Flange Insulating Kits

Flange insulating sets are used in flange applications where electrical isolation and resistance to corrosion are required. The kits are used as an insulator between dissimilar metal flanges or to electrically isolate sections of pipework in cathodic protection systems, preventing the flow of electrostatic charge along the pipelines. They are designed to minimize the effects of Electro-chemical corrosion.

Our Flange Insulation Kits provide the perfect seal, and protect flanges, valves and pipelines against corrosion while improving safety and reducing the risk of fire. Our kits have a wide range of applications but are typically used on offshore rigs, chemical installations and oil refinery pipelines, where galvanic corrosion protection and electrical insulation are required.

The temperature range for the gasket is -54c to 104c, and they are constructed from materials with extremely robust dielectric strength.
Flange Insulating Kits come in three sets – RF, FF and RTJ. Each set is supplied with a gasket, sleeves and washers, plus steel washers.

The gasket can be raised face (type F - IBC), full face (Type E) or an oval RTJ gasket (Type D). The gasket for RF and FF is either 3mm thick phenolic or 3mm thick Neoprene faced phenolic. The gasket for RTJ type is an oval phenolic RTJ gasket. The insulating sets are available for standard ASME/ ANSI B 16.5 flanges and special sizes and longer sleeve lengths are also available. Gaskets for high temperatures are also available on request. Sleeves are also available in Mylar and Polyethylene. Phenolic RTJ gaskets available to
R 60 and some BX styles. Pikotec ‘VCS’ Insulating sets also available, suitable for either RF/FF or RTJ Flanges. Gaskets with steel core, spring energized seal ring SS316/ (PTFE), G10 washers, mylar sleeves and steel washers (other materials upon request).