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has been in the industrial gasket market for over 35 years, and is the largest gasket manufacturer and sealing products distributor in NZ. We have over 10,000 products, and 350 major product categories.

Our brand is widely recognised and is synonymous with quality products and superior customer service.

We deliver our clients a complete service second to none. Our product knowledge and support sets us apart from others in the market. Clients value the fact that we deliver the goods on time, and at a competitive price.

Our products are certified to industry standards, and are all manufactured from fully traceable materials. Along with Shuk’s own manufacturing expertise we have formed strong relationships with some of the world’s leading gasket manufacturers, and these relationships enable us to access the latest technology, ideas and resources which we incorporate into our own business. We use our expertise to provide our clients with the products that best suit them and deliver solutions for their problems.

Our Head Office is in New Plymouth, but we also have manufacturing and warehouse facilities in both Auckland and Christchurch. Our team of Sales Engineers service the whole country on regular cycles and are in constant touch with clients’ needs.

Shuk has a long and proud history of providing services to many of New Zealand’s largest companies over three decades and we have built strong relationships with key people in these organisations. They know they can rely on Shuk to provide reliable and timely service and supply.

At Shuk we want you to feel confident that you are getting the gaskets or products you specify, at a high standard, and we make sure it happens quickly and consistently.

We are the Sole New Zealand distributor or master distributor for...

  • Corrosion Protection Petrolatum Tapes for pipes, valves and fittings

  • Full range of CHEMZ Aerosol Products, Cleaning, Lubricating, Coatings and Paint

  • Hose Clips

  • Spiral wound Gaskets

  • Ring Type Joints

  • Comprehensive exclusive tape range

  • Softset PTFE Thread sealant

  • Sheet Jointing, CAF, Non-Asbestos Sheet Jointing

  • Industrial tapes, Insulation tapes, Aluminium foil tape, Self-adhesive roof flashing

  • Windsor graphite paste, Gas seal, Leak detector spray, Copper anti-seize, full range of ROCOL products

  • Gland Packing, Pure PTFE, Graphite, Acrylic Fibre PTFE, Acrylic Fibre Graphite

And distributors for...

  • Sheet Jointing, Gland Packings, Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Pipe sealing Cord: Hot and cold water, potable water, gas

Clients + Sectors

What sectors do we supply to?

Shuk engineering supplies to the engineering/infrastructure, plumbing/pumping, marine, rural, petrochemical/gas/mining, motor and electrical industries. In these market segments we hold many master distributorships and are the preferred or sole supplier to many of new zealand’s largest companies. Consequently we are committed to holding large stocks of the most common products in all our branches.

Because of the quality of our relationships with our suppliers, we are able to access the latest industry technology, ideas and resources and are only too willing to share this information with our customers as an integral part of our service.

Recently shuk engineering was appointed as master distributor for norma hose clips, bolt clamps and couplings. Norma is the leading brand in this product segment globally. Such is the shuk brand that norma approached us to act as their distributor.

Who are our clients?

The shuk client base includes significant providers of petrochemical exploration, processing and transmission capability both in new zealand and australia.